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  • keyword = The Symbol that the user wants to search
  • category = The Molecular type of keyword
  • species = species that the user wants to search
  • type = The interaction type that the user wants to search
  • method = detection method that the user wants to search
  • score = The score interval that the user wants to limit (separate by ',')

Specification of Tag Values

  • For " category " tag:
Valid Values Note
miRNA category limit to 'miRNA'
mRNA category limit to 'mRNA'
* don't limit category
  • For " species " tag:
Valid Values Note
Homo sapiens species limit to 'Homo sapiens'
Mus musculus species limit to 'Mus musculus'
* don't limit species
  • For " type " tag:
Valid Values Note
1 RNA-RNA interaction
2 RNA-Protein interaction
3 RNA-DNA interaction
4 RNA-Compound interaction
5 RNA-Histone modification interaction
Default don't limit interaction type
  • For " method " tag:
Valid Values Note
strong the detection method is strong evidence
weak the detection method is weak evidence
prediction the detection method is prediction
* don't limit method
  • For " score " tag:
Valid Values Note
0,1 the range of score is 0 to 1.0
0.3,0.7 the range of score is 0.3 to 0.7
a,b the range of score is a to b
Default don't limit score


  • As the number of miRNA/mRNA-associated interaction entries is so huge that the search results may be loaded slowly, we prefer to search these data with specific 'RNA/Protein Symbol' or you can scan these data in Browse page: Browse.


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